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50% Discount for Infra Red Heater Hire for Industry

Tuesday, October 12th 2010. | Home Appliance

This winter, you should try the new infra red technology for heater.  It is different with conventional heater which works on the air increasing the temperature of the air and then transfers the heat to things or people around.  Infra red heater operates by transmitting the infra red energy directly to things or our body. It doesn’t need to heat the air first and then warm air will heat up our body or things around it. Why did I mentioned that the heater also heat things around the heater? It is because, the heater in industry not only use for comfortable warm condition during cold winter but can use for drying out damp walls, or paints, dyes and glass-fiber.

Hss.com, the official website of HSS Hire has special promotion for heater with advanced technology of infer red and long wave heating for industry and domestic use. 2 weeks heater hire will get additional 2 weeks hire for free. It means you pay half for one month rental of heater. it is a fantastic saving of 50%!

Let’s check on what they have for industrial infra red heaters. 2 bar infra red heater- 110 volt will cost you only £81.0 for one week. The same charge is applied for the 220 volt heater. If you hire for two weeks, the cost will be cut into £40.5 per week.

The advantages of the infra red heater compared to conventional electric heater are the heater provide instant warm radiant heat, the heat is localized, and non flammable and free of fume. Further more it transmits the heat up to 6 meters. Definitely, infra red or IR heater are more efficient because it works directly to heat up the body or to the things around it without wasting the energy to heat the air first. If you want to know the effect of IR heater, basically it works the same way with the sun infra red. If you sit or stand under the sun, you will feel your body inside warm due to its radiation light.

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