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A Guide to Shopping For the Best Replacement Windows

Saturday, September 3rd 2011. | Home Improvement

Best Replacement Windows – If you are thinking about selling or renting out your home, or you are worn out of paying a high cost for heating or cooling your rooms, you may be thinking of installing the best replacement windows. Shopping for windows can be a daunting venture, what with the sheer volume of options you can find on the market. But in case you exert some hard work to select your needs, locating the appropriate windows for your house becomes a lot simpler.

Important Factors to Consider

best replacement windowsTwo of the things you need to consider are how replacement windows can improve the heating or cooling efficiency of your home and how they add to its aesthetic appeal. These factors are important especially if you are planning to put your house on the market, since homes that are well insulated and with beautiful windows to boot have a higher market value than those that cost a lot to heat and aren’t pleasing to look at.

One way to make sure your windows help conserve energy is to install those that are Energy Star-certified since they have passed the United States government’s criteria for energy efficiency. Some of them might come at a higher price, but there is a good reason for that. You will notice that these types of windows use materials, such as fiberglass, that are not only strong and durable, they improve insulation as well. Fiberglass frames are less prone to internal stress since the material contracts and expands in a uniform manner. This type of flexibility helps maintain its airtight element.

Triple pane windows are likewise known for their ability to prevent heat from escaping a room. Windows like these have six surfaces, enabling them to trap more heat than double pane windows. Not only that, they are also able to reduce the amount of street noise that enters your home. Materials like aluminum, on the other hand, are less efficient when it comes to thermal insulation. But adding a thermal break greatly improves their performance.

Appropriateness of the Window Type

Another consideration to keep in mind when you are doing home renovation is the type of window appropriate for certain locations in your house. Some places require more ventilation than others, in the kitchen or basement, for instance. Replacement casement windows are good for these areas since they can be opened fully, providing much more opportunity for air to enter and circulate. In addition, they are easy to clean, both from inside and outside the house.

But for some people, letting in too much air or wind is not a good idea at all. We are talking about those who live in places where tornadoes and hurricanes are known to occur. To protect their property from damage and keep their families safe from flying debris, they should install hurricane impact windows, which help deflect both small and large windborne projectiles.

So whether you are the DIY sort of guy or gal, or whether you prefer to hire contractors to do your window replacements for you, keep in mind that choosing the best replacement windows when you are remodeling your home is of paramount importance.

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