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Basement Renovation Ideas

Wednesday, June 29th 2011. | Home Improvement

Basement Renovation Ideas – One of the foremost neglected areas in any house is the basement.  Here may be a area, typically piled with previous boxes and junk that would, probably, become a wonderful place for the enjoyment of family and friends.  There are such a big amount of potentialities that this could be the foremost exciting renovation anyone ever undertakes. it’s doable to show an unused area into an area for entertaining, family activities, an area to look at movies, a way required additional bedroom, or a “man cave.”

Contact with a decent contractor is one in every of the primary stuff you ought to do. when explaining what’s needed, they’ll justify what’s concerned and gift a thought, a schedule for construction, and supply an estimate of the prices.  However, there are several things a home-owner has to take into account during a project of this proportion.

basement renovation ideasWith concrete walls and floor, which is commonly used in a basement, it is important that a waterproofing concrete sealer be used.  It is very simple to apply and will keep the concrete from absorbing moisture and creating mold as well as ruining the walls that are going to be constructed.  However, if mold or mildew already exists, it will need to be treated by an expert who can ensure it is safely removed before work continues.

The floor should also be sprayed and, when ready to lay the floor, a waterproof plastic and a thin layer of insulation should be placed before the flooring is laid.  This, and the actual construction, will be taken care of by the contractor.

What the homeowner needs to be concerned with is the decorating and purpose which will make the space attractive and welcoming for everyone who spends time there.  Since there are usually no more than a very small window in the basement, lots of light is needed.  Built in and portable lights are very important to illuminate this normally dark space.

Light and cheery colors, such as red, blue, yellow, orange and green will add character and brighten up the room.  A wood burning stove or a fireplace is also a welcome addition and can even be free-standing and vented easily with minimal damage to the outside of the building.  Imagine playing a game of cards or playing pool with a cheery fire crackling in the background.

Many people install a mini-kitchen in their remodeled basement.  This allows for a quick cup of hot cocoa or some other quick snack.    A number of people also like to add a mini bar, complete with stools. This could be part of the mini-kitchen and make it handy to serve snacks or cold drinks without having to run upstairs each time a beverage is desired.

It is always a smart idea to put a toilet in an out-of-the-way corner of this space so that people do not have to go upstairs when nature calls.  This can be built to look like a closet or storage area so that its presence does not impose itself on the aesthetics of the room.  If one does their laundry in the basement the washer and dryer can also be cleverly concealed in cabinets that look like part of the room’s design.

In a basement renovation ideas, one can let their imagination go wild and create a cozy, warm place where family and friends can join together for a pleasant and entertaining evening.  It can be the most satisfying renovation project ever undertaken and if often more affordable than any other renovation selected.


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