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Buying a Child’s First Bed

Monday, November 28th 2011. | Furniture

When your child is too old for a cot it’s time to start thinking about a bed, but what do you need to consider when buying your child a bed?

The first thing is that it needs to be comfortable – just as an uncomfortable bed can cause adults to have a disturbed sleep, the same is true for children. What’s more sleep is vital to a child’s growth and development so it is important that they have a bed that is comfortable and suits their needs. A child’s back is still developing so good support is essential for a young supple back to prevent future back problems.

But what age should you move a child into their first cot? That varies from child to child but is usually between 18 months and three years. If you think that your child could be overwhelmed by an adult bed then a cot bed can be a good transition as it can convert from a cot to a bed. However, when your child is ready you can opt for an ordinary child’s bed and if you are worried about them falling out you can put a bed guard on the bed to start off with.

As your child grows up this is where you can really start to have fun with themed beds and bunk beds available for children. Bunk beds are incredibly popular in kid’s rooms because they are great space saving device as you can either have a second bed underneath or opt for extra storage space so can have desks and wardrobes under the bed and you can even incorporate a playhouse under the bed for extra fun.

It is also recommended that parents change their child’s mattress at regular growth intervals so that they are getting the best possible support.

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