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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective special needs parents Have you ever noticed how some of the specific needs of the parents not only survived, but appear here as well? Even with the challenges they face every day,
July 17th 2010 / read more
Reverse psychology of parenting Most parents are familiar with the concept of reverse psychology in education. In fact, this is a form of discipline that often when other methods of fighting bad or
July 13th 2010 / read more
The technology of the education of young children Feeding young children and sensitive, and pushed her gently in the right direction is a huge task for any parent. In fact, raising children is not easy. This is
July 9th 2010 / read more
Surprising benefits of single parents for both parents and children Looking through a separation or divorce, feel guilty, many parents because they do not want their child suffer in any way. Sometimes a parent can actually keep up with
July 5th 2010 / read more
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