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ClosetMaid Offers Unique Storage Planning Tools

Monday, April 11th 2011. | Home Design

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ClosetMaid is designed around you, to provide better storage system in your home and office. If you want to systematize your home and manage things efficiently, ClosetMaid has a solution for you. It has two main categories i.e. do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-for-me products. Lisa Engel, the Vice President of Channel Marketing & Communications of ClosetMaid said, “ClosetMaid.com navigates the consumers through a streamlined experience from learner to shopper to buyer, throughout the site, users are prompted on what to do next in their quest for storganization”. The term “storganization” is created by ClosetMaid; it means combination of storage and organization. Hence, ClosetMaid helps to organize things with better storage area.

Since1965, ClosetMaid is serving the masses. It provides effective storage systems. ClosetMaid is the part of Emerson-Worldwide leader in providing innovative technological solutions to industries and other consumers.  ClosetMaid was created to assist customers with better storage space, for their homes and offices. It also provides wire and laminated wood storage system that can be installed in kitchens, bedrooms, garages and offices.

ClosetMaid provides unique storage planning tools. You might be surprised to know that it offers variety of storage planning tools. It has divided its work into five sections i.e. Get Idea, Design, Prepare, Shop and Install. Get Idea mainly focuses on the ideas and inspirations. ClosetMaid.com has round about 15000 images. Hence, people can select according to their choices related to type of rooms and materials they want in closets. Design section offers to select from three design services i.e. DIY online design tool, ClosetMaid’s Professional Design service Assistance and ClosetMaid’s Authorized Dealers. In the Prepare section, visitors are presented an organizational profile. It gives suggestions according to the personality types and confidence level.

Here comes the section that guides you about where to buy your dream closet i.e. shop. People can get an idea from where they could buy the closet either from a retail store or from on-line store. Therefore, it provides convenience to people. A part from above mentioned sections, Install section of ClosetMaid guides customers regarding the installation procedure. You will find how-to guide and FAQs in this section.

ClosetMaid is designed around you, to save your time and provide a unique solution to manage your things. Now you can design your dream closets and turn them into reality.



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