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Epoch Homes Plans

Tuesday, April 3rd 2012. | Home Design

You will be able to find different modern home design in Epoch homes, starting from cozy cottage to luxury mansion or some other custom home addition. Here in Epoch homes, we will help you to make your dream to become a reality. Epoch Homes are now the leading manufacturer of fully custom designed modern prefab homes that you can found and will be able to help you well.


Epoch Homes: Modern Custom Homes

Here in Epoch homes, you will also find custom homes plans that were specially designed by factory. There are a lot from what you have to choose from. You will be able to find literally hundreds of custom homes that Epoch homes have already built over these past 30 years. All of them are modern home design which can suit your taste, from cardinal homes, homes with timber frame kits, and other magnificent designs. Our homes here are specially designed to be suitable with your lifestyle. Even, we will also include exterior and interior photographs to make it easier for you to see how the result of the home would be.

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Epoch Homes: International Market

Epoch homes are now getting to international market with complete panelized home kits which will be able to be shipped in containers overseas. Do not worry about where you are right now, because we are now expanding the market so that everyone can get the taste of the great thing about epoch homes. Here, we will only build the highest quality homes, by following the specifications and using the best materials and products. You will be able to get the modular advantage: which is working inside the production facility in a controlled environment, and we will be able to build your home only in a few weeks.

Epoch homes are the perfect answer if you want to get a modern home with the touch of something special. You can get your home faster than traditional ones, but with the high quality which was produces by the special materials and products here. These epoch homes will be able to match your tastes, needs, and sense of style.

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