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Garden for Wildlife: Create a Backyard Habitat

Thursday, May 26th 2011. | garden

Garden for Wildlife: Create a backyard habitat
Create a backyard habitat with Scotts bird food and experience the beauties of nature. Scotts song birds selection supports the American citizens to garden for wildlife. Backyard habitat program of National Wildlife Federations helps the natives to hail nature. Certified backyard habitat program facilitate to create a backyard habitat striking for the locale wildlife. You can make your garden and backyard friendly to wildlife because May is the ideal time for and garden for wildlife month.  Backyard

All over the world, habitat devastation is increasing at a fast rate. Most of the species of wildlife are threatened by the global warming and scarcity of proper place where they can raise their young ones. Food, water, shelter and places to raise young ones are the four basic requirements of all the animals and birds of wildlife. By providing these basic elements to the wildlife species in your backyard you will able to be eligible for certified backyard habitat program.

One can also attract the wildlife with native plants because they are adaptive to continue to exist in specific geographic locations as per climate, soils, rainfall and presence of pollinators and seed dispersers. The best thing about the native plants is that they do not need more maintenance and easily attract the wildlife. One thing must be keep in mind that non-native plants are a serious threat to eco-system.

You are a novice or an expert, you can easily make your garden area receptive to wildlife, Janet Allen of NY said, “My yard is proof that you don’t have to be an expert to create habitat. Just following the basic guidelines has made my yard come alive”. One can easily certify the wildlife garden by providing food sources (native plants, seeds, nuts, fruit, nectar and berries), water sources (pond, stream and water garden), shelter (birdhouse, thicket, rock pile) and last but not the least places to raise the young (dense shrubs, vegetation, nesting box and pond).

Garden for wildlife with Scotts bird food will be more than attractive to the wildlife so Play your part to protect the wildlife and serve them with the basic necessities to attract them in your garden if you really want to live close to nature.



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