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Glass Bathroom Shelves Advantages and Disadvantages

Saturday, January 28th 2012. | Bathroom

Glass bathroom shelves can make some space in our bathroom in a cheaper, easier and stylish way. However there are some advantages and disadvantages of glass bathroom shelves that you need to know.

Glass bathroom shelves are what people choose when they looking for a simple additional shelf for their bathroom. Space problem in bathroom can be solute by adding fitted bathroom furniture, bathroom tallboy, freestanding bathroom furniture or shelves. Glass wall shelves can help you to make some space in storing your personal things in the bathroom. Whenever they installed, shelves can always be a good storage solution. There are single and cabinet glass bathroom shelves that you can choose. If you have enough space then you can opt for cabinet glass bathroom shelves, like glass shelves combined in oak bathroom furniture. But if you have limited space problem then single glass bathroom shelves can be your solution. However they are glass shelves still look good for any bathroom design. There are some considerations before you install glass bathroom shelves. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of these shelves so you aware of what you expected.

Advantages of glass bathroom shelves

glass bathroom shelves

Advantages of glass shelves are that they store your things in organized arrangement and if you install them in the right place they will ease your to get shampoo and soaps during bath. They are also amazingly easy to clean. Glass bathroom shelves are cheap and available in many style and design choices. They are available in many affordable prices and they are also easy to install that you can do it on your own. This is another cheaper solution because you do not have to hire people to install. They have many choices design of support made of wood, metal, bamboo and other materials. These supports can give certain look in your bathroom especially if you choose it fittingly.

Disadvantages Glass Bathroom Shelves

However there are disadvantages of glass bathroom shelves although not many. People tend to think that glass shelves are fragile. It is true indeed even though there are many kinds of glasses that not so easily to break nowadays. Another downside is that glass shelves are consider to be used in houses with children and pets, because the break possibility are greater. However some glass bathroom shelves are made of tempered glass which makes them less dangerous when breaks. This tempered glass shatters in many small rounded pieces which will be not as dangerous as regular glass. It can be concluded that we can make some space in our bathroom in cheaper and stylish way by using glass bathroom shelves as long as they are chosen properly.

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