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Inexpensive Home Decor – 5 Tips to Finding Inexpensive Home Decor

Monday, November 14th 2011. | Home Decor

Inexpensive Home Decor – There is nothing more rewarding than to impress friends with the decor of your home … except perhaps knowing it will cost you peanuts! Discover 5 tips for finding the perfect home decor at prices disgracefully low.

If you made any decor, you know how difficult it can be to find that “perfect” piece of furniture or accessory to finish a room. Decorating on a budget can make your task even more insurmountable. Then there is the size of the room to take into account. Need to keep pieces of furniture dual purpose as aesthetics and storage? Where can you find home decor low cost to meet all the criteria?

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Check out your local second hand shop, goodwill or Salvation Army store! You will be amazed at the neat funky stuff to buy at dirt cheap prices. Chances are you will need to re-finish the furniture pieces, perhaps buy new hardware but that’s really the whole point! Where else can you find a totally unique piece of home decor and add your own “personality” to it?

Let’s face it, they don’t build furniture like they use to, unless you shop high end and if money was no object, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. I’ve purchased coffee tables, light fixtures, bed frames, lamps, vases, pictures, paintings, and shelves and re-purposed them all. Not only do I enjoy giving “new life” to tired old things, I save heaps of money and I feel great about my recycling efforts.

There are still a few tips you need to know while on your quest:

Look for Quality

There is no point in re-purposing furniture if it’s cheap crappy furniture. Try to see past the current finish and probable blemishes and concern yourself with whether it is solid (e.g. solid wood, metal), sturdy and well made. Does it serve the purpose you have in mind? Can you picture it re-finished to your taste? Will it work?


Is it the right size? Keep in mind that in stores it can be a little difficult to judge the size of furniture pieces, wall hangings etc. Stores are much larger and as such items can appear to be smaller than they really are. Ideally having some measurements in your mind for the space you need to fill would be a great idea.


Ultimately you want to insure that the item is safe to use. If you are searching for lighting fixtures to repaint, make sure all the wires are intact and mounting hardware is included or that you know what to purchase if it isn’t intact. Old chandeliers are fun to fix up, however be sure all the crystal pieces are there or decide if you can still work with what is available.


Carefully look over the ENTIRE piece! This is crucial, especially when purchasing vases or anything breakable. Remember it’s at the store for a reason. Was the previous owner simply bored with the piece r is there something wrong with it. The item may have irreparable damage that is hidden. I’d even look under the price sticker!

Think outside the box

The fun in re-purposing is often using items for other functions than their original design. That will be what makes a piece unique to you and your home. Just wait until one of your friends remarks “what a neat idea – I would never have thought of that”

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