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Livable Home Design for our time

Monday, April 12th 2010. | Home Design

In the early days of the 20th Century America followed Britain in the architectural response to the previously dominant Victorian style. The upper and upper middle class at this time in a complex set of social rules to see if they believed strongly reflected in many houses of that time. The houses were built in the time of the imagination for a single purpose rooms for public functions and private use as well as less ornate rooms for their children and staff, as deemed appropriate by the social mores of the day. To this day, now that our modern lifestyle trends the trend of large Victorian-room apartments seem unnecessary echo. As the American family has evolved over the last 40 or so years, the size of the houses in which we still live so many of our neighborhood inflated shoulder to shoulder with bland monster houses built to the edges of their fields shrink small shoulder. Many of these homes echo the Victorian trend multi-purpose rooms, all presentations, sometimes exactly the same purpose. This trend is of little interest until you take a look at one crucial difference. There were cultural reasons that the Victorian era have family duplicity in their homes. The rules on public and private spaces dictates that you receive for a foyer, a lounge in the necessary entrance of your house for guests, a butler’s pantry, a china cabinet, a drawing room and servants quarters. Some of these rooms were needed, of course, was for Home design is not to the point where food kitchens and food storage were built into them forward yet, but some were also a matter of manners. In our modern times most people, it would be difficult to explain why they really need a living and family rooms, much less six bedrooms and five bathrooms in their house. One of the trends that we support the same period when the houses are seen in the increasing size have is a reduction in “average” family size in North America. This means that we always build a bigger living rooms into smaller and smaller families. I am very much in vogue in North America interested in gradually more frequent lately. At the end of the Victorian era was the urge to return more land, with a focus on the shape of the function and real houses were of materials instead of the faux finished. This trend means that many people away from houses that were in place for other people, the homes are for living in. This was seen as the Arts and Crafts movement known. Our modern Down-sizing trend remarkably similar to the Arts and Crafts movement was in many ways. Both applications were concerned about the construction of livable space with quality materials. Many of the small house projects are designed and built at the moment to focus on the quality of the “amount” have involved massive “McMansions”. The smaller houses have a much smaller footprint, making them a wise choice for the environment too. Hopefully we will see continue to grow this trend.

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