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Parenting Teens – good manager, but a bad mother

Thursday, July 29th 2010. | Parenting

Management is about managing people. A person can manage a flyer at work a lot of people in large projects and appeal are still problems in the management of their children, especially teenagers be home. Is not this the same as managing people managing your teen? There are some similarities, but there are some differences, so it is a call manager and the other parent. In Parenting Teens Guide we are at, why you look like a good manager, but you can be a bad mother.

The biggest difference between a manager and a parent, is the following:

This difference is why you have a good manager, but a bad mother. It’s all about authority and influence. If you are a manager you have the authority and influence and their power or influence of the person you are reporting. You have an impact on the security person who is doing his bread. If you’re a parent, you have influence and authority over your children when they are young. They have an influence on your young children because they have to make to your security. Their influence and authority over the children begin to diminish, while your children get older and a teenager. You do not need your security as much as when they were young. They feel that they are more independent. You need to recognize that independence and manage your teenager a less authoritarian approach and a more consultative approach to learning. A consultative approach would mean that their input in them a sense of independence. In its decisions in the context of the inputs to get your teenager will face a much better chance of acceptance. In Parenting teenagers know that you are a parent and not a manager. Let your leadership at work and set your role as a parent at home. You may also know a good manager and a good parent as long as you do, you have to play the role. There are other useful tips in this Parenting Teens Guide.

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