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Remote Monitored Home Security Systems

Friday, January 27th 2012. | Home Security

Say hello to 21st century home security. These aren’t the alarm-triggering window wiring setups of yesteryear, though that’s still an aspect of modern home security systems. Instead, state-of-the-art home security focuses on multilateral coverage and centralized command. Systems such as those developed by Vivint Security keep users aware of the safety level in their homes 24/7 thanks to around-the-clock emails and text alerts and updates.


Depending on the degree of security you wish to acquire, modern home security systems can alert you when glass has been broken, unauthorized access has occurred, or when smoke or carbon monoxide has been detected. This is achieved via a series of sensors and detectors placed throughout the home that sync together with wireless technology. These devices are no different from the smoke detectors and sensors of older alarm systems, except for the fact that they function as a team and can alert you of danger no matter where you are.

However, when it comes to installing security systems the biggest threat of intrusion seems to be the drill holes and wiring necessary for the system itself to function. This is where modern home security really sticks it to former systems: wireless home security technology means minimal disfigurement of your window sills and corridor ceilings. You simply attach the battery-powered devices like you would any other home detector, and they receive directions and send data through the air.

If home security is a concern of yours, then upgrade to systems that give you the most range of monitoring ability while causing the least amount of harm to your windows, doors, and walls.  In addition, focus on getting a system where text alerts of potential dangers are not only sent to your phone, but to the phones of everyone who lives in your home; making sure everyone has access to the information that keeps them safe should be an automatic entitlement with any home security system.

There’s really no doubt about it: when it comes to 21st century home protection, wireless operation is the most state-of-art way to stay safe.

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