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Log Cabin Modular Homes Offer A Lot Of Advantages For You Log cabin modular homes also known as prefab homes are log cabin modular homes which are built in sections in a factory setting, indoors, where the log is never
March 27th 2012 / read more
Post and Beam Home Plans Allow You to Build a House Post and beam home plans make it easy for you to build a house such as the use of wood raw material. You can plan what type would fit
March 8th 2012 / read more
Post and Beam Barns: The Construction of Barns Post and beam barns have post and beam functions efficiently when you want to build a barn in your home. Traditional barns come in various sizes and shapes. They
March 7th 2012 / read more
Post and Beam Kits: Tropical Modern Architecture Home Design Post and beam kits are just what you need when going to build a home that you want, especially the design of houses made from timber that can dismantle
March 6th 2012 / read more
Timber Frame Joints: Giving Some Benefits and Features Timber frame joints are light in weight which lets the building cover to heat up very quickly. In a home, where heating is alternating, this fast reaction can affect
February 28th 2012 / read more
Timber Frame Barn Kits: Handy Tools for the Proper Barns Timber frame barn kits are great to be used prior to building your horse barn. Prior to the 1900s, nearly all barns were constructed with timber frames, also well
February 23rd 2012 / read more
Passive Solar House Plans: Never Ending Warmth Passive solar house plans bring energy efficiency as main thought to be applied. It was so happening for a lot of centuries in Indian tribes. The construction and material
November 30th 2011 / read more
French Ideas For Contemporary House Plans Contemporary Houses – Architectural designs and tastes are as fickle because the breeze. sadly (or fortunately, because the case could be) a house is not an item which might
July 25th 2011 / read more