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Surprising benefits of single parents for both parents and children

Monday, July 5th 2010. | Parenting

Looking through a separation or divorce, feel guilty, many parents because they do not want their child suffer in any way. Sometimes a parent can actually keep up with their spouse abuse and misfortune for many years in an attempt to cooperate actively with her family for the children. Instead of helping the children can even harm. The advantages of single parents are a surprising number of parents, and the effect is a happy, healthy child at the end.

It is often said that children are very resilient. It is true they are. A divorce can be the best thing that has happened to your family, despite popular belief. Once the parents get back on its feet, they will never again be happy and emotionally healthy. This will be a positive example for their children. Some advantages of single parents is that many parents spend more time with their children nice things, and even a special quality of time. When they were married, they had to divide their attention between the spouses and their children. Children get the attention they were not to be had. Children may even be able to focus when you get your ex joint custody. When it comes to vacation, the kids are excited when Santa visited two houses and they receive duplicate gifts from their parents.

Other advantages of single parents may also be that making it easier for less housework, preparing meals, and a quieter environment. Studies show that a house is filled with constant conflict very stressful for the children. It is actually the least desirable housing situation for them. Children prefer a small, one bedroom when in a big house with lots of toys and two parents who struggle to live the whole time. After a few people in the house can mean fewer people to care for and clean. When it comes to meal planning, it is much easier, simple, child-friendly meals that you and your child to enjoy the food and then to cook for the other adults. This factor can actually help you save money on your budget and grocery stores.

Advantages of single parents for funding, and extend. Yes it is true that you have less income, but you will have full control over your money. Single parents can test how they spend their money to someone else to decide, without consulting the budget and this will be easier and less stressful. It is true that two parents are ideal when it comes to traditional norms is, but that a single mother is not a negative experience. It is perhaps the best decision you will ever make, and you can take advantage of the rewards that last one never expected. The best advantage that a single parent can offer you and your child closer the end!

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