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The issue of security doors in Wuhan section sampling rate of only 59% qualified – security doors, Wuhan, quality – Building Materials Industry

Wednesday, October 13th 2010. | Home Security

Protect lives as well as skill Security Door Encountered a burglar inserts were brushed to open, as well as even neighbors can sojourn open … …

Five companies open a doorway a night was not seen black hands Insert examine marks

3 10 morning, Luo Yu Road, Wuchang East Fang Yijing Building, No. 618, 5 array of stolen company. The Manager Xu B, Room 1702, pronounced a eleven employees left a dusk of 9, to move a confidence door, as well as with pulling a little, which a doorway had locked. 10 am, a staff found which anti-theft doorway unlatched during work, monetary room protected was forced open as well as skill waste upon a yuan. A 902 room, Mr. Wang to work overtime which night, in a loll to sleep, early sunrise wallet as well as pants were deserted in a mezzanine of … …

The 5 companies of confidence doors can not see movement marks, can normal operate after a incident, which is really obscure to most victims.

3 10 early sunrise 5 am, Eastern Fang Yijing Building, a thieves held incidentally in Hankow ordering of stolen goods. Mar 11, thieves were brought to a military to code crime stage voiced a instruct of “using Insert to open confidence doors” to equivocate extreme sound when opened. When a a Insert key, has been a new “open brush,” a twenty-three confidence doors.

Tung Fang Yijing Building, a staff has a little dubious: stolen esteem of 5 confidence doors have been all outward a door, a fasten of a slant towards a door, in a typical view, even from a slight doorway in to a block in film, can usually come in to hit with a behind fasten as well as will not fist cannot press behind latch.

However, a military let thieves live demonstration, operate of inserts done of special materials, hook a confidence doorway will be non-stop shortly after. Block B, a association press interview, try to Plastic Insert a label again, additionally bypassed a confidence door.

Door neighbors can cranky in to his musing wrong people

Aoyama Kim Hak Park District eleven had occurred a strange, roughly 4 years vital in a neighbor, happened to find tenants in same structure 6 pass can open confidence doors each! Unit 2, Room 302

a Mr. Chen pronounced which when he is home, a great-grandmother unexpected non-stop a doorway as well as walked in, he was surprised. He is informed, upon request, Room 302, Unit 3, great-grandmother lived, reduction rapt as well as get a wrong component in to a wrong room.

Mr. Chen was a critical matter, afterwards went a upper story Miss Wan home try as a result, a pass can open her own home confidence doors. Miss Wan grew some-more as well as some-more worried, so we have to try to muster a area as well as found an additional dual units 301,401,601 3 pass to open her front door.

The Community Unity commissioned a “new as well as more” code confidence doors, confidence doors upon a contributor by phone call a past, a arrangement is vacant number. After a Internet found a “new as well as more” confidence doorway in a Chinese conduct of Mr. Pan, a alternative giveaway of assign for residents to reinstate a close cylinder. Mr. Ban explained which a coming of these confidence doorway keys have been a same, though a 6 cylinders Password (magnetic) have been opposite people with distant motives could be deciphered.

Similarly, final September, trade rose Hanyang Guo Heights New Garden of Mr. King sitting during home, confidence doorway was open downstairs in a mother, a dual have been a same code used by confidence doors.

Engineering Cheap no great load doorway confidence doorway marketplace is not optimistic

New confidence doors, according to inhabitant standards, according to a generation of anti-sabotage, Plate Thickness of a alternative indicators, a anti-theft confidence turn is widely separated in to “A” “B” “C” “D” 4, A is a top level, followed by decreasing. In new days, reporters in a Western Han, a tiny East Gate, etc. Home alleviation Market interviewed some-more than twenty anti-theft doorway dealer, find a standing of confidence doors marketplace is not optimistic.

In most confidence doors as well as hinges of a behind dilemma office, found which “D” word, whilst a handful of confidence doors, did not find a turn of identification. A confidence doorway Sell Business said, developers have been about profit, often buy a lowest confidence turn “D” class doors; now upon a market, Jiucheng on top of a “D” Class doors.

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