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Tiling a shower floor by yourself

Monday, July 23rd 2012. | Flooring

Tiling a shower floor is usually handled by  professionals. You are worried that you will not to be able to do it well.

Tiling a shower floor

Some people think tiling a shower floor is hard some say its easy.  You shouldn’t build your own tiling shower base unless you’ve had some significant carpentry experience, but if you insist to build it by yourself, you need to talk to your local home improvement store about the supplies you need  and make a well plan. First, you need to measure and cut a cement board to cover the floor. Then staple your chicken wire down to the cement board. Pour the cement over the chicken wire and work it with your trowel and Let the cement set overnight. After that, you can lay down your shower floor liner over the sloped base and  stapling it. Mix cement and spread it over the liner.  In addition, lay out your tiles from the middle, along the lines. If you still do tiling a shower the traditional way , you can change it  with more modern tile ready shower pans, even many tile contractors use these pan systems., you can remodeling a shower stall by tiling shower stall floor using  ceramic tile that  will add beauty. Ceramic tile is one of the most durable tiles  that offer us with its versatility and style. Remodeling a shower stall with  ceramic tile will increase the value of the house. Not only installing base, stall and instructions for tiling a shower floor, many people hire  professionals to tiling their shower or bathtub area, but also if you want to save lots of  money, you can learn  to do it yourself. The materials you need are available at any hardware or home improvement store. In addition, the plans  are  available  in the internet where you even can see the video to give you guidance to do it correctly.

The difficulty  of installing  rug pads for hardwood floors is the same like tiling a shower floor. There are plenty of rug pads on the market that can be used on hardwood floors. The right rubber pad is safe for hardwood floors. The thing to consider when looking for a rug pad is make sure the layer of rubber on the pad is a natural . This type of pad may cost more but it  is well worth to protect your hardwood floors. the best thinner non slip pads is that truly holds rugs down without marking your floors  where you can use  this type of pad in places such as hallways. Tiling a shower floor can be complicated but if you want to learn , you will be able to do it.

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