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Timber Frame Barn Kits: Handy Tools for the Proper Barns

Thursday, February 23rd 2012. | Home Plans

Timber frame barn kits are great to be used prior to building your horse barn. Prior to the 1900s, nearly all barns were constructed with timber frames, also well known as post and beam, forming extremely strong structures built to endure harsh storms and weighty loads of animal feed. Timber frame joints is the technique of creating framed structures of weighty timber joined together with a variety of joints. Timber frame barn kits are built to endure a lifetime if not longer; however there are many things to take into consideration when designing a barn.


Timber Frame Barn Kits: Building the Proper Horse Barns and Stables

Timber frame barn kits

Horse barns and stables often work in a 10×12 or 12×12 grids for interior stalls, tack spaces and wash stalls. You will require the proper timber frame barn kits to build the right horse barns and stables. Storing hay in the loft gives its own set of challenges. Years ago, people would simply put up summer beams and timber frame construction details and throw as many hay up on the loft as they could. These days, as with most everything in which technology touches, like in the use of timber frame house plans, hay bales are filled more compact and weigh more than they did many years ago in addition to all the changes in the timber frame barn kits.


Sorts of Timber Frame Barn Kits for the Building Process

Authentic timber frame barn kits are an art that can be followed back many generations. In our day, much of the job is still finished by hand, like completing a modern home design, using conventional tools like chisels, mallets, and beetles. The timber girts, plates, purlins, and posts are joined with exactly cut interlocking joints made with tenons or tabs, mortises or slots and also wooden pegs called trunnels. During the construction process, there are several diverse sorts of timber frame barn kits.

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