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Timber Frame Joints: Giving Some Benefits and Features

Tuesday, February 28th 2012. | Home Plans

Timber frame joints are light in weight which lets the building cover to heat up very quickly. In a home, where heating is alternating, this fast reaction can affect in increased comfort and energy saving. Timber is a natural material and needs minimal energy to process it in construction materials. During its growth, timber will absorb carbon dioxide and store the carbon. Prefabricated timber frame joints are produced as panels in factory conditions then conveyed to the site where the construction is assembled using the timber frame barn kits. The panels are built with timber studding and compound wood board materials, recognized as sheathing, which is nailed on the exterior of the wood frame to form the rigid panel.


Some Benefits of Timber Frame Joints

Timber frame joints

As well as its low thermal capability, timber frame joints have several other benefits over masonry cavity walls. Because the insulation is integrated in the thickness of the frame using the timber frame house kits, a better thickness of insulation can be provided. An external wall cavity is not needed in timber frame joints, as long as an apposite vapor control layer is slotted in on the warm side of the insulation in winter season.


The Features of Timber Frame Joints

Timber frame joints can attain U-values considerably better than the minimums necessitated by current timber frame house plans standards. A typical wood studding wall consists of a water resistant breather membrane, structural timber framing, sheathing board, vapor barrier and also inner lining of plasterboard. Insulation is fitted between the upright of the timber frame, as a rule filling the filled thickness of the external wall. Where higher than modern home design standards of insulation are needed, a thicker external wall can be built. External walls can be encountered with load bearing brickwork and cement rendered block work to present the look of conventional timber frame joints.

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