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Timeless Toile

Thursday, November 17th 2011. | Parenting

Toile prints originated in France in the mid-1800s; a classic toile print features a pastoral scene depicted in black, blue or green on a white or cream field (a toile print is always one dark color on a light background.) Toile is considered sophisticated and elegant and is most often used in fine homes, country manors and grand estates. Toile table linens, toile bedding and toile curtains are the most common textile canvases; toile wallpaper is also quite popular but due to the often complex design it tends to be best used in smaller spaces such as a powder room or small bedroom. One designer trick is to mix toile with stripes for a very stylish and more modern look.

toile guest bedroom

A toile guest bedroom is gracious and inviting and often found in better homes as the design is so classic and timeless. Similarly, a toile print used on a porch or in a sunroom is a stylish bridge between indoors and outdoors.

A modern take on toile is to enlarge the scale of the print or to pair tile with stripes in the same dark color of black, blue or green. It’s not uncommon today to find toile prints on bath ensembles, hostess aprons and assorted paper products such as cocktail napkins and guest towels.

To see what’s available in a timeless toile print simply look online at the major bed and bath websites; something as simple as a toile window valance can add a touch of grace and elegance to your home in minutes.

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