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Triple Wide Manufactured Homes: The Finest Buys

Friday, March 2nd 2012. | Home Plans

Triple wide manufactured homes will possibly be your best purchases. But there are things to take into consideration when it comes to buying these homes as compared to the new double wide mobile homes, whether it is a new building or not. Unless you find a manufactured house that you are fond of already on a lot with a lasting foundation, or can create some kind of metal building homes package with the construction company, these have to be bought discretely from the house. That means that even though you find a good one for $50,000 or below, buying the land, and getting somebody to put in the foundation would cost extra, and may increase the overall price to above $100,000. While these triple wide manufactured homes are new, you still need to get an inspection done.


Triple Wide Manufactured Homes: A Brand New

Triple wide manufactured homes

One of the advantages of having triple wide manufactured homes is that as they are brand new, with new machines, wiring and the like, they could be much easier to cover. If you happen to have a few extra lands and want to place in custom home plans, it may be a lot easier to get the necessary structure permits than with a new building from scratch. All of these issues and more are what you have to take into consideration at what time deciding if triple wide manufactured homes are a good investment for you.


Triple Wide Manufactured Homes: Utilizing Computer Assisted Designs

Apart from size and floor design, you need to choose what designs and attributes best meet your needs. Most builders of triple wide manufactured homes use computer-assisted design to modify your preference. You will have flexibility in choosing disparities of modern home design and feature either inner or outer. However, this will depend on how much you will spend on your triple wide manufactured homes.

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