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Valuable Landscape Design Tips for Amateurs

Saturday, December 4th 2010. | garden

Most of us are not given the gift of artistry. Even though you want to create a beautiful and decorative flower garden, yet it just exists in your mind. You have the blueprint at hand yet you could not put them into reality. You have all the collections of various varieties of shrubs, flowering plants and vines, yet you could not display them to beautify your home. It is so frustrating and intimidating, right? The only thing that you can do is to hire a landscape designer and let him do the work for you. However, it would be best if you will be the artist of your own masterpiece.

Nowadays, people are having difficulty on maintaining their plants especially if they are leaving in an urban area. There are a lot of pollutants that may affect the overall health of the foliages. And because you are getting busier every day, you tend to forget to water the plants and spray some pesticides. You could not remove the wilted leaves and replace the broken pots. And the worst, the vines are overgrowing and you don’t have ample time to trim them. So the experts look for a better solution. They created the exquisite and fire retardant faux plants that can make your home more vibrant and appealing.

If you had enough of seeing the old, bland property of yours, here are some of the valuable landscape tips and techniques in using diverse types of artificial vines, artificial flowering plants and fake hedges.

1.)    Choose the suitable plants for your schemed garden.

People would love to visit your garden if you choose the foliages that will look natural the first time you see it. Topiary plants like fake hedges and Junipers may give a unique exterior accent. Along with the outdoor artificial Ivy and Azaleas, you can add some live plants that will gorgeously blend in its environment. It is also imperative that you understand the concept of your garden particularly in opting the right size and shape of artificial flowering plants.

2.)    Use the color that would finely complement the landscape design.

Color can change the mood and perception of a person. It is one of the important elements in choosing the perfect artificial flowering plants for landscape design.With the combination of artificial vines and shrubs, these beautiful foliages can help improve the same boring, tired yard at home. You can check some information in the websites for inspirational photographs, stunning garden designs, professional landscaping ideas and practical application of color theory if this is your first time to decorate your own garden.

3.)    Create your focal points or visual cues

To get your attention and focus in just one desired spot, it would be best to draw “a trick of the trade”. Landscape designers can make a unique concept that can easily enthrall the visual interests of the viewers. And creating focal points, scales and lines can controllably direct your eyes to a certain area.

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